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Session daily report: Improving WASH Evidence-Based Decision-Making (IWED) for Safely Managed Sanitation in Tanzania

Event 7th Africa Water Week Libreville Gabon 29 October–2 November 2018
Subtheme 2. Choices, Approaches and Actions for Safely Managed Sanitation in Africa by 2030
Session 07 Improving WASH Evidence Based Decision Making (IWED) for Safely Managed Sanitation in Tanzania
Subject The Tanzanian experience with safely managed sanitation through the National Sanitation Management Information System (NSMIS) and other WALIS work in the region
Rapporteurs Mickongo-Moukakou, Brel-Maurel, SASI, and SpeakUpAfrica
Moderator Potter, Alayne
Discussants African Ministers' Council on Water, AMCOW, Kitchinme Bawa, Community Development, Elderly and Children, Gender, Anahit Gevoryan, Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, MoHCDGEC, Anyitike Mwakitalina, National Sanitation Management Information System, NSMIS, SINAS, Système national d'information sur l'eau et l'assainissement, Tanzania Ministry of Health, USAID, WALIS, WASH, Water Aid Tanzania, Water and Sanitation National Information System, Water for Africa through Leadership and Institutional Support,
Date Session 1 November 2018
Document Type Session Daily Report
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