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Session daily report: Climate Resilient Water Infrastructure Planning and Finance in Africa Challenges Prospects and Opportunities

Event 7th Africa Water Week Libreville Gabon 29 October–2 November 2018
Subtheme 4. Financing the Africa’s SDG 6 Ambitions Beyond Political Declarations
Session 10 Climate Resilient Water Infrastructure in Africa Challenges Prospects and Opportunities
Subject Planning and financing climate resilient water supplying infrastructures in Africa
Rapporteurs Iboundji Magaya, Sacha, Ntchorere Issambo, Louise Nocadi, and SASI
Moderator Hebart-Coleman, David
Discussants AfDB-AWF, Francis Bougaire, Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility, CRIDF, GWP-Africa, IMUW, Integrated Management of Urban Water, L'Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Senegal, Ziyanda Mpakama, OMVS, Orange-Senqu River Basin Commission, ORASECOM, Charles Reeve, REGIDESO,
Date Session 1 November 2018
Document Type Session Daily Report
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