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Session daily report: Beyond Political Declarations: What specific measures can governments and stakeholders can implement to ensure an efficient use of financial resources and infrastructure development in the sector?

Event 7th Africa Water Week Libreville Gabon 29 October–2 November 2018
Subtheme 3. Water Governance Re-engineering the IWRM, the Nexus Approach in Action
Session 07 Beyond Political Declarations What Specific Measures Governments and Stakeholders can put In Place to Ensure Efficient Use of Financial Allocations and Infrastructures Development in the Sector
Subject Financial administration of water projects
Rapporteurs Ntchorere Issambo, Louise Nocadi, SASI, and SpeakUpAfrica
Moderator Bastemeijer, Teun and Houanya, Armand
Discussants Arnauld Adjagodo, BAD-FAE, IRC Regional Bureau for West Africa and the World Water Partnership for West Africa, Sareen Malik, Jean Michel Ossete, SIWI, Stockholm International Water Institute, Sylvain Usher, WIN,
Date Session 1 November 2018
Document Type Session Daily Report
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