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Initiative pour l’alimentation en eau et l’assainissement en Milieu Rural (IAEAR) et Fonds Fiduciaire de l’ IAEAR : Plan Stratégique 2018-2025

Event 7th Africa Water Week Libreville Gabon 29 October–2 November 2018
Subtheme 3. Water Governance Re-engineering the IWRM, the Nexus Approach in Action
Session 03 Fostering Scientific and Technical Capacities and Competencies in Africa's Water Sector through the AU NEPAD Water Centres of Excellence
Subject New strategic plan for the RWSSI project 2018
Institutional Author(s) AfDB and African Development Bank
Date Published 1 November 2018
Number of Pages 50
Document Type Presentation
Unique ID 1665
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SS12_FR_Draft_RWSSI Strategic Plan 2018-2025_20181018


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