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Acquis, leçons et défis de la mise en oevre du Projet RASOP-Africa a Yaoundé

Event 7th Africa Water Week Libreville Gabon 29 October–2 November 2018
Subtheme 2. Choices, Approaches and Actions for Safely Managed Sanitation in Africa by 2030
Session 03 Boosting Access to Sanitation in African cities through Peer to Peer Learning Partnerships of Sanitation Operators
Subject Challenges and lessons from the RASOP Africa project to improve sanitation in Yaoundé
Personal Author Ndzana, Arnauld Philippe
Institutional Author(s) Communauté Urbaine de Yaoundé
Date Published 30 October 2018
Number of Pages 12
Document Type Presentation
Unique ID 1260
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AWW 7 ST 2-3a AFWA Boosting Access to Sanitation RASOP_fr2


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