AWW-6 theme

“Achieving the SDGs on Water Security and Sanitation.”

Sub Themes:

Ensuring Sustainable Water Resources Management and Climate Resilience
Strengthening Productive Wastewater Management and Improved Water Quality
Improving Policy, Financing and Monitoring
The sub themes will utilize technical sessions to achieve the following objectives:
Develop a roadmap for implementing the SDG 6 as well as inter-linking goals on water security and sanitation.
Push for regular, evidence-based monitoring and reporting on agreed targets and implementation plans.
Improve stakeholder awareness of the implementable actions for achieving the set targets and actions
Strengthen cooperation across countries with shared water resources.
Advocate for member states endorsement and operationalization of the N’gor Declaration on Water Security and Sanitation as a vehicle for achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 6.
Build stronger partnership for the implementation of AMCOW Work Plan and the N’gor Declaration on Water Security and Sanitation

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