Sponsorship Guide

Sponsorship Benefits and Privileges



USD 100,000


USD 50,000


USD 25,000

Corporate Branding in Africa Water Week Promotions

Corporate Logo as “Platinum Sponsor” included in all  Africa Water Week conference materials



Your logo branded in all Africa Water Week Announcements




Your logo branded in Africa Water Week Programme (print and electronic versions) 




Your logo branded in Africa Water Week Reports (print and electronic versions) sent to all present and past participants




Your logo branded in Africa Water Week website and linked to sponsors  company website




Africa Water Week social media recognition




Your logo  branded in the official opening and closing sessions e-banner  displays




Onsite Recognition at  Africa Water Week

Top Speaking Opportunity for Organization Top Executive at AWW Opening Plenary and AMCOW General Assembly



Top Speaking Opportunity for  Organization  Top Executive at AWW Opening Plenary




Free Exhibition Space

18  M2 Booth



12  M2 Booth




9  M2 Booth



Opportunity to display branded materials in

Plenary and Breakout conference rooms




Your logo branded in  the registration area




Promotional material provided in the conference bag (print material)




Acknowledgement during opening and closing events




Opportunity to showcase a branded promotional video in registration area




Complimentary Conference Registration/Branding

10 Free Conference Registration plus 50% discounted 5  Conference Registration



7 Free Conference Registration plus 40% discounted 5  Conference Registration




4 Free Conference Registration plus 25% discounted 5  Conference Registration



Promotional insert in the Conference

bag (printed material)